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If you work within the solar industry, then you know that acquiring the finest, most responsive solar leads and solar installation leads is critical. A few years back, KB Synergy responded to the large demand from our clients who needed these high quality solar leads, so we began generating them in-house. Several years later, our end-product speaks for itself and our clients keep coming back for more. Our solar marketing system is top notch and without a doubt one of our hottest verticals today.

Our solar installation leads have proved to be incredibly successful over the years, and KB Synergy is proud to detail some of the forms of Solar Leads and Direct Marketing Services that we can offer you. Our Live Transfer Solar Leads are essentially live transfer calls that go straight to your installers and/or sales staff. These are pre-qualified applicants who are actively looking for solar panels and other related solar products. The lead will be transferred directly to you and your staff from our Call Center. No data purchase is required.

KB Synergy also generates real-time, non Incentivized Solar Leads from hundreds of landing pages and websites through PPC, search engines, banner ads, emails, and affiliate marketing. Once the form is filled out, the lead is sent directly in real-time via your CRM, HTTP post, or as an email batch.

Lastly, some of our hottest data files are our homeowners, new homeowners and new movers data files. With over 100 selects to choose from, we can pull an extremely targeted list that suits your solar marketing needs. Please note that we have guarantees for connectivity and deliverability on all of our solar leads and data, and we generate these in-house rather than broker them. KB Synergy is your solar marketing source!

We Have the Following Types of Solar Leads Available:

Live Transfers | Real Time | Telemarketing/ Direct-mail Lists | Email Lists

Fields of Information Can Include:

  • Time & Date Stamp
  • Name
  • Address
  • 1-2 Phone Numbers
  • Email Address
  • Best Contact Time
  • Property Value
  • Property Type
  • Income
  • Homeowner
  • IP Address
  • Geography (Residential/Commercial)
  • And more!

KB Synergy provides solar installation leads and direct marketing services for solar companies.

For more information about our Solar Leads and various direct marketing services, please call our toll free number at 888-214-7234, or email us at Leads@KBSynergy.com.