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At KB Synergy, we truly understand the tremendous value of good quality direct marketing services, and if you are a mortgage broker, then acquiring pristine, high quality mortgage leads is a requirement. Due to the high demand for premium refinance mortgage leads and a top notch mortgage lead generation system, KB Synergy reacted accordingly many years ago and started developing only the best mortgage leads available in the marketplace today.

Our mortgage lead generation programs have proved to be incredibly successful over the years, and KB Synergy is proud to detail some of the forms of Mortgage Leads and Refinance Mortgage Leads that we can offer you. Our Live Transfer Mortgage Leads are essentially live transfer calls that go straight to your mortgage brokers. These are pre-qualified applicants who are actively looking for a home refinance. The lead will be transferred directly to you and your staff from our Call Center. No data purchase is required.

KB Synergy also generates real-time, non Incentivized Refinance Mortgage Leads from hundreds of landing pages and websites through PPC, search engines, banner ads, emails, and affiliate marketing. Once the form is filled out, the lead is sent directly in real-time via your CRM, HTTP post, or as an email batch. Many of these mortgage leads convert at a rate of 15-35%!

KB Synergy Offers Our Clients Various Types of Refinance Mortgage Leads, Including:

Live Transfers | Real Time | Telemarketing/Direct Mail Lists | Email Lists

Fields of Information Can Include:

  • Time & Date Stamp
  • Name
  • Home Address
  • 1-2 Phone Numbers
  • Email Address
  • Best Contact Time
  • Property Value (50+ different ranges to choose from)
  • Property Type
  • Income
  • Loan Amount (50+ different ranges to choose from)
  • First Rate Amount/Type
  • First Payment
  • Months Behind
  • First Lender
  • First Balance
  • Total Balance
  • IP Address
  • Geography
  • And more!

KB Synergy is a mortgage lead provider that specializes in mortgage lead generation and mortgage direct marketing services.

For more information about our mortgage leads and various direct marketing services, please call our toll free number at 888-214-7234, or email us at Leads@KBSynergy.com.