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Google Trends are increasingly showing that direct mail is on the decline and online marketing is on the rise. Therefore, if you are in the market for quality email marketing, email append services, email marketing lists, email marketing services or any related direct marketing services, then KB Synergy is your source. to better your response rate and save you money, you have come to the right place and at the right time.

With 200 Million Consumer Emails and 9 Million Business Emails in our databases, our comprehensive email marketing lists are not just opt-in, but double opt-in, thus greatly diminishing the potential for email bounce-backs and spam reports. Email marketing is efficient and effective when KB Synergy is your vendor.

Email Broadcasts

Not only does KB Synergy have all of the targeted email records that you require, but we can also broadcast the email creative for you, all in-house. At KB Synergy, we can fulfill all of the email marketing services that you require, all within your budget.

All email marketing services and email append processes come with tracking dashboards and we perform several rounds of testing to make sure the creative looks perfect. We also use revolving IP addresses to ensure we get through spam filters and into your prospect’s inbox. Email marketing can either be on a rental or acquisition/purchase basis.

KB Synergy is a leading provider of email marketing services and email appending.

Contact a KB Synergy Email Marketing Specialist for more information on how you can acquire a targeted and up-to-date email list. You can also inquire about our various direct marketing services. Our toll free number is 888-214-7234, or you can always email us at Leads@KBSynergy.com!