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Data Appending

KB Synergy specializes in high-quality and accurate data appending services. If you are looking for data appending, and whether you are requiring entire list appending and/or simply a phone appending, KB Synergy can fulfill your needs efficiently and effectively. Our Appending Specialists have a plethora of experience on all size list appending projects, so please feel free to us know what your specific needs are and we will be sure to provide a winning appended list for you! We can even append demographic information as well as psychographic info.

KB Synergy has been appending lists for over 10 years for clientele that range from smaller start-up companies all the way to our Fortune 500 clients. Our phone append services are compiled from major consumer compilation sources such as, credit bureau data, public record information, title company data, private data sources and more. Many of these top sources are the same sources utilized by some of the largest telephone companies and governmental agencies. This leads to much more accurate list appending match rates and quality that is surely not available from our competition.

KB Synergy Can Provide the Following List Appending Options:

  • Phone Appends: 200MM Records
  • Cell Phone Appends: 100MM Records
  • Email Append: 123MM Records (permission based, opt in consumers)
  • NCOA & Standardize: Required to run list through the NCOA every 95 days by the postal regulations.
  • We will do this, making your list clean and compliant!

Besides providing high quality appended lists, what also separates KB Synergy’s list appending from other companies are the guarantees that we provide to our clients. On every invoice that is sent to our clients, our guarantees are written out for our data and phone append services. These guarantees are sure to give you the peace of mind when deciding who to choose to spend those precious marketing dollars with, and we take your set aside marketing budget and concerns very seriously here at KB Synergy.

Feel free to call or email us anytime, and let one of our specialists know what type of appending you are looking for. You will be able to choose from our menu of phone append, email, name and other options for your list appending project.

Call our Appending Specialists at 888-214-7234 or email us at Info@KBSynergy.com. We look forward to hearing about your data appending needs!

We will work with you and review your campaign extensively in order to determine which specific Specialty List will provide you with the best data to target your key prospect. No matter how unique your list requests might be, we assure you that we can meet your needs!

KB Synergy is a leading provider of data appending and direct marketing services.

Call us today for a no obligation free quote at 888-214-7234 and ask to speak with one of our Synergy Specialists, or simply fill out the form on this page!