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The Importance of Co-Registration Marketing

By definition, co-registration marketing is an arrangement made between multiple businesses to collect a prospective customer's information through the advertising partners offers. In other words, co-registration occurs when one company utilizes another's subscriber base to gain new customers. During the co-reg process, the business can market their product and service, which could appear as a separate box that the consumer can check on the web form. By checking the box, the individual would be opting-in with specific consent to your offer to receive messages, offers and news from a third party.

If there's one thing that every modern marketer knows, it's that you can never get too comfortable or static with your marketing and advertising efforts. Diversity and trial and error are key when it comes to discovering the finest strategies to increasing your ROI, spreading your brand message and acquiring paying customers. There are a host of different methods you could implement to spread the word about your business and co-registration offers a lower cost alternative to direct lead generation and a better alternative to some businesses than cold calling. If email marketing is something you currently employ or plan to utilize, then building a strong, accurate and long email list of current and prospective clients is imperative.

You may be asking yourself why your company even needs to consider co-registration. What can it mean for your bottom line? Put simply, and this will depend on the scope of your advertising efforts, this specific marketing mechanism can be a fine solution to helping you target a specific type of client. In turn, this method can also prove to be less costly than other major forms of marketing, like radio advertisements, television spots and print ads. After all, the aforementioned do not allow marketers to specifically target one type of prospective client, but they are rather mass forms of marketing.