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Why Choose KB Synergy?

Lead Generation

We currently offer many ongoing lead generation campaigns and help create new innovative ones weekly.

Legal Leads

With over 9 Yrs of lead Generation experience ion the lead space, KBS currently produces over 1200 leads per day in Family Law (PI, AA, Criminal, Divorce, DUI and many more

Appending Service

With one of the largest Phone Append tables out there, we work with many call centers and client in appending phone numbers and other information to their lists and data hygiene.

what we do

We are experts in this industry with over 9 years experience. That means you are going to get the right solution the first time.

Co-reg Leads and Online Forms

Co-reg Leads and Online Forms

We run and partner with multiple survey paths to test, optimize and get the most out of your offer.

Live Transfers

Live Transfers

Let us do the work and deliver someone right to your phone. We currently run many different campaigns across multiple verticals.



We strive for Top Performance in our marketing methods and our goal is very simple. To increase your bottom line.


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