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Affiliates – The Right Affiliate, at the Right Place, and at the Right Time!

KB Synergy has developed strong affiliate relationships with companies in order to bring the right solution to our clients at the right place and at the right time. We utilize these affiliate relationships in order to keep our marketing solutions and expertise at the highest level across all paradigms.

This enables KB Synergy to discover the proper solutions for our clients in order to dramatically boost their business potential and advantage.

One of our primary business models is channel sales. To date, the KB Synergy affiliates have achieved outstanding results. These overwhelming and noteworthy results are the very reason that the KB Synergy affiliates have remained tied to our company year after year. Their achievements include:

  • Excellent Reference Accounts
  • Traction into Many Verticals
  • A Low Barier to Entry From Both a Price Standpoint as Well as a Technical Perspective
  • A much larger company brand awareness on both the web and offline

Our internal sales and support team constantly provide our affiliates with qualified leads and business contacts, marketing material and case studies, branded affiliate portals to host products complete with templates, webinar support and on-site implementation when required.

KB Synergy, a dynamic, cutting-edge, and innovative marketing company, provides solutions to American businesses, and our goal is to over-deliver and crush our clients’ competition. We invest hours in research and development and studies our clients’ current and projected marketing strategies in an effort to develop and implement a customized marketing program.

We understand the importance of applying both online and offline advertising solutions to provide sales staff and our affiliates with a continuous stream of leads, enhanced web traffic, reduced PPC budgets, and current and innovative ways to give your company the edge it deserves.

For more information on our KB Synergy Affiliate Program, fill out a form on one of the affiliate category pages that best suits your industry. Or, call us directly at 888-214-7234!

Our Partners